The 'Lucien' band is huge! A cast of characters that I have known for years, the most talented and colorful musicians. My circus includes about fifteen musicians who cycle in and out depending on the style of the performance; Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Acoustic, etc. The band will only have four or five members at a time, whether it be a single night concert, or a multi city tour.  These musicians also have appeared on 
my albums throughout the years. 

The only member who is by side at every performance, is Sheri. She is a fixture in my musical sound. Her rhythm guitar and backing vocals are prominent throughout my music, whether it be with her angelic harmonies or down right raw rock attitude.  
Lineup (Above): Lucien, Sheri, 
Jim Vascal (The Ripper!),  Wayne Cooper
Lineup (Left):
Jim Vascal 
Doug Radler
Members of the Circus:
Lucien      Sheri      Jim Vascal      Jack Thompson
Jim Franklin      Mark Dillion      Wayne Cooper
Yahto Mae      Rob McCarthy      Doug Radler
Steve Bloss      Joe Nocco      
Frank Dupree      Eric Macy
(Above): Jim Franklin
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